Lava Show


lava piece

Our lava

The idea behind our extraordinary Lava Show is to recreate a volcanic eruption by superheating real lava up to a molten state of 1100°C (2000°F) and then pour it into a showroom full of people. Once the lava enters the showroom, the temperature instantly rises and from the safety of their seats, our guests can clearly see, smell, hear and feel the intense heat from the lava.


Our lava originates from the 1918 Katla eruption. The source material is basaltic tephra, better known as the basaltic sand that covers the black sand beaches in the South Coast of Iceland. As the molten lava flows into the showroom and over blocks of ice strategically placed in the lava slide, a rapid cooling process of the lava resulting in the formation of exquisite volcanic glass with striking obsidian-like appearance. 


All our home-made lava products, many of which are only available in our lava-inspired gift shop, are crafted from this century-old lava from Katla volcano, reborn through the fiery spectacle of Lava Show. How cool is that?

The startup story

The concept of LAVA SHOW was ignited in 2010 when Júlíus and Ragnhildur, a husband-and-wife duo, were captivated by a mesmerizing lavafall during the Fimmvörðuháls eruption that was the predecessor to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption that took place a few weeks later. The 200 meter high lavafall sparked the idea for LAVA SHOW, granting people the unique chance to safely experience real flowing lava up close. 


However, the couples’ focus shifted when their two sons were diagnosed with autism in 2011. Observing their sons’ tenacity and ability to overcome obstacles, reignited the couple’s startup dream. In 2016, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, determined to show their boys that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. 


Despite sceptics and doubters, the world’s first and only live LAVA SHOW premiered in Vík in 2018, followed by Reykjavík in 2022. In the midst of these achievements, 2018 also marked the birth of their third son. They fittingly named him “Funi”, the Icelandic word for fire, a symbol of the passion that fueled their remarkable startup story.